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Financial Freedom is in the Mirror

The Zen Investor Mindset

Is being financially free wishful thinking at this point in your life? Are you struggling with cash flow issues in your business?
Simply being rich or having the right investment strategies will not make you happy, nor will it give you freedom.
You must remove the obstacles within that stop you from opening new doors.

Balance your 4Fs and Reach the Freedom You Deserve:

The Zen Investor Mission

Marie F. Dayan challenges Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to think outside the box. She asks them to seek something larger than themselves: to follow a path of greater purpose and contribution to mankind.

It’s through the discovery of their passion and self-love that she guides them and gives them the will to find true financial success.

Follow my search for the Holy Grail of property investment.

Are your bags packed? Then come along … follow me as I travel, seeking enlightenment and financial independence through real estate investment around the world. From emerging markets to positive cash flow, coral reefs to high mountains, I’ve seen it all. And I’d love to share my experiences with you.


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Creating a better life comes from choices that empower us to move towards how we want to live. If you’re suffocating beneath the rubble, waiting for a light to cut through the darkness, this session is the ultimate game-changer. We’ll deconstruct and dissolve all that came before to build something completely authentic and new. Something completely YOU.


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