Belize sells island anticipating multi-million dollar resort

It seems as though the nation of Belize is all the buzz on the international travel scene, and in more ways than just one.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow affirmed that the country would be selling off a 2.1-mile long half-mile wide island located 12 miles from Belize City, with an agreement with Four Seasons resort being signed shortly. Not only that, but Barrow has also revealed with his 2012/13 tax-free budget a cut to the national hotel and tourism tax, that has been heavily impacting the Belize travel industry for years. The luxury resort and lowered tax rate is big news for the country, if not only for the attention it will bring to those around the world, but as well for the acceleration of infrastructure and jobs that will go along with it.

The island itself – Caye Chapel – is a 250-acre gem with already a number of astounding developments, including an airstrip, clubhouse, eight beachfront villas, and Belize’s only 18-hole golf course.

With the Qatar Sovereign Fund overtaking the development project, sold from the government for $125-billion, the five-star resort is expected to draw in millions in tourism dollars. With US tech mogul Bill Gates a current owner of Four Season Inc., not to mention an avid visitor to Belize himself, we only expect luxurious amenities, pristine location, and an overall remarkable experience for visitors.

Coupled with this is the news that the nation has also overturned a long-standing hotel and tourism tax, which has made developers and operators unable to claim refunds from GST paid on their inputs. This change comes as a part of the nation’s recently revealed 2012/13 tax-free budget, reflecting Belize’s prosperity and optimism.

The good news is that Belize’s first five-star luxury hotel will bring thousands annually from around the world, and it will only be a matter of time before buzz flares on how much opportunity still exists in Central America’s hidden treasure. The development will bring in hundreds more jobs to the nation and have a very worthwhile impact on the Belizean economy.

The great news for investors is that, of course, big things are happening and big buyers are setting their sites on a new world-class vacation destination. The new Four Season resort will be a hotspot for those looking to make more permanent moves to Central American destinations such as Belize. As well, with news of the nation’s lowering of the hotel and tourism tax, we may be seeing many more hotels and resorts popping up.

So once again we see Belize getting even more admiration from around the world. And with falling tax rates to entice developers, an accelerating economy to drive business and employment, and a brand new world-class luxury hotel slated for construction, there may not be much time left to take advantage of this investor dream.

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