Fredericton, NB rated #1 Micro City Globally

Yet another amazing Canadian success story! The prestigious fDi Magazine (published by the Financial Times of London) just rated Fredericton, New Brunswick the #1 city in North America for Best Foreign Direct Investment Strategy in the micro-city category (population base under 100K) in it’s American City of the Future issue.

Fredericton qualified for this distinct honor due to the city’s aggressively proactive and welcoming approach towards community business leaders, universities and technology parks, as well as the provincial government.

Wow. Just an FYI, fDi Magazine is one of the world’s leading publications for international business leaders. It’s really quite an honor. This earmarks Fredericton globally as a great place for investment, in a city that is already quite successfully proactive and pro-business, not to mention very clean and beautiful.

Fredericton Earns Major International Recognition

Fredericton (April 11, 2011) – Mayor Brad Woodside has revealed the latest feather in Fredericton’s cap – a number one ranking from the prestigious fDi Magazine in their American Cities of the Future issue.

Published by the Financial Times of London, the magazine has named Fredericton as the number one City for Best Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Strategy in the Micro City Category; a runner-up in the Micro City over-all rankings; and, sixth for Best Quality of Life in the Micro City Top Ten.

In 2007, Fredericton was ranked as one of the North American Cities of the Future by the same magazine.  Since that time, fDi Magazine has expanded its international rankings to include North, South and Central America.

During the news conference to announce the award, held at the new Fredericton Convention Centre, Mayor Woodside recognized that the success was a collective effort shared with community agencies and the province.

“It is partners like Enterprise Fredericton, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Fredericton, Business Fredericton North, the Fredericton International Airport, and the Province of New Brunswick, that play a pivotal role in helping to cultivate community economic growth and prosperity,” said Mayor Woodside.

The 2011/2012 American Cities of the Future competition was based on submissions from major, large, small and micro cities.  Fredericton qualified under the micro city category defined as populations under 100,000.  Consideration was based attractiveness of the city to foreign investors, specifically “best prospects for inward investment, economic development and business expansion.”

fDi Magazine is one of the worlds’ leading publications for international business leaders, and is firmly established as the leading title for the business of globalisation.  For more information, visit the fDi website at

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