Gearing up for the 4th annual SEUS-CP conference

Spring has sprung, the tulips are in full bloom and the apple blossoms have lit up the Fredericton landscape! And just in time … the pulse and excitement of the city are picking up as it prepares to host the SEUS-CP, better known as the Southeastern United States and Canadian Provinces Alliance Conference, from June 12-14 in New Brunswick’s capital city. Andrea Feunekes, a well-known Fredericton entrepreneur, will be Co-Chairing the Opening Ceremony Breakfast with the Heads of the delegation and prominent business leaders of both countries.

Yes, this an exciting time for Fredericton, the “little big city” that gets it done! This will be another opportunity for the city to shine, showing off not only the colors of her spring flowers but also her desire for business. To host this conference is a real feather-in-the-cap, as it places Fredericton in the international spotlight once again. Many good developments are sure to come after this important conference, as it continues to generate corporate interest for relocation and increase attention. What a great feeling for us Zen Investors!

To find out more about the conference, you can check the following link Enjoy!

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