Marie’s Profile

marie new year 3As an MBA graduate from San Francisco State University in California, Marie-France’s professional career began for the Danzas International Group as Director of Business Development. In 2005, dissatisfied with the corporate worlld, she founded her own company focusing on real estate property acquisitions worldwide. Over the years, she created an investor group via her own alias The Zen Investor, embracing the methodology for volume purchasing for the benefit of like minded investors. Marie has long since perfected this methodology – expanding her company into commercial and residential private lending as well as a marketing division to better promote her passion for international real estate projects.

With key real estate developers she also has been able to secure turn key investments for her investment group. This has been accomplished thru a great deal of market research, number crunching and due diligence on potential projects and the developer’s integrity to deliver the project at hand.

She is currently involved in the creation and development on sustainable communities today and for the future in South America (Belize and Panama).

Marie is dedicated to helping others follow their path to financial freedom through the power of group purchasing and passive income that property investment has to offer. In addition to her large experience in real estate investing, she is also dedicated to coach entrepreneurs to think greater than themselve and go over their limits, in order to follow a greater purpose in their life and for the benefit of mankind.

View the photo gallery of The Zen Investor’s travels below:

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