Saint John The Hidden Gem of Eastern CanadaNew Brunswick Premier David Alward is on a mission — and he seems to be making some brilliant headway.

There are no shortages of newspaper articles indicating Premier Alward’s position as the “public face” of New Brunswick’s desire to house the eastern end of the transcontinental pipeline. For months, Premier Alward has taken his stump speech on a grassroots campaign throughout Canada. Hoping to keep the momentum rolling at full speed, Premier Alward continues to tirelessly advocate for the potential that a pipeline originating from Alberta oilsands can find a welcome and prosperous home in the deep, coastal waters of Saint John. Saint John is home to the Irving Oil, Canada’s largest refinery.

Premier Alward is ready to move forward and, of course, Saint John is cheering for it, too — for good reason. Saint John has experienced a cultural and fiscal boon that makes it an ideal place for the monetary infusion that the pipeline will inevitably bring with it. Yes, the standing community will definitely profit. However, so will real estate investors.

In all truth, Saint John is truly a hidden gem of real estate investments. In addition to a thriving, burgeoning economy of emerging markets including a growing IT sector, health professional hotspot and stalwart mainstay of a loyal, longtime blue-collar population, Saint John is a fetching melting pot of traditional values and progressive outlooks. It is a unique and refreshing reflection of what Saint John and its wonderful residents.

Yet, Saint John also shines because it is amazingly affordable. When most people consider what it means to live in a coastal city with a thriving metropolis, they may think of an ideal place to live — with huge living costs. Saint John is that rare place where the ocean view is within eyeshot, but the cost of living is, well, livable. An April 2013 CREA report shows that homes sales were up three percent from home sales in April 2012. It also showed that while real estate sales in Saint John increased, housing prices remained mostly steady. With the forthcoming pipeline, those figures are set to yield high return investment property. Purchasing real estate now means getting the ultimate payoff later.

That is the inherent beauty of property investments in Saint John. It is a win-win situation. Property investors have the option of calling this pastoral place home, or choose it as an ideal location for a rental property investment — or both! Property investors that are seeking out the haven of Saint John for rental properties are also set to enjoy the fruits of the pipeline’s success. Saint John properties are solid candidates for generating a comfortable amount of passive income that could result in reaching the goal that so many hope to attain — financial freedom. Income properties are not only a practical venue toward this aspiration. In Saint John, it is an actual and realistic possibility.

Squaring away property in Saint John is so practical that it could almost be considered a crash course in how to invest in real estate because the decision is a no-brainer. Not many places in Canada can offer the natural beauty, prime location and high yield than a property in Saint John. However, settling in Saint John it is much more than a sound real-estate decision. Living in Saint John is a beautiful solution to low-cost living and high-quality payoff. It does not get better than that.