The pipeline’s a GO … Now’s the time to invest in Saint John real estate!

“TransCanada says its west-east pipeline is a $12 billion project that will have the capacity to pump 1.1 million barrels of western crude per day east to Saint John” (Huras; Mega Project Includes Deep Water Terminal).

Now the work, the restructuring and the investments begin! Saint John, New Brunswick, is already an international port city that welcomes all kinds of international travelers and investors, and now this colorful Canadian maritime city has real estate that is ripe for the savvy investor.

5 Great Reasons to Invest in Saint John Real Estate Now:

  1. The massive, newly-approved pipeline project
  2. India is ready to spend money here
  3. Oil refineries are looking at upgrades
  4. Brand-new luxury homes are going up right now
  5. It’s totally affordable

Geoff Hill, the oil and gas sector head for Deloitte Canada, said that ’“Refiners in India have shown considerable interest in importing Alberta blended bitumen” (Pipeline to the Port City is a Go).” Why? India is an emerging economic powerhouse with a huge population, and it needs bitumen to keep building. You may know it as “asphalt.” This material is crucial to many building projects and can exponentially aid the Indian electric and civil engineering industries. All investors need to know is that Saint John is about to be full of it, and growing India wants it.

Saint John is About to Boom

Canada real estate investments should all be pointed right at Saint John right now. The sooner you make an investment here, the better your chances of landing a high return investment property in this city. Russ Girling, the president and CEO of TransCanada, ensured Canadians and international investors that the Energy East company would maintain the highest safety standards to keep the industry running for decades to come. “We all recognize that oil is essential in our daily lives. We need it to heat our homes, operate our vehicles and make thousands of products we rely on every day. What we must do is ensure the oil is transported safely and reliably” (Mega Project Includes Deep Water Terminal). Everyone is on board with making this city boom.

Property Investment is a Solid Choice

Like Eric Poirier, Chairman of the Saint John Board of Trade, put it: “It’s not just the companies or people around the sector that are impacted. It’s a lot of the small businesses, the retail sector, hospitality sector–it’s everybody. The whole economy basically gets an injection in terms of positive impact” (Eric Poirier; Telegraph Journal). What this tells the property investor is that people are going to be coming into the city looking for jobs – and soon.