Sourcing and Buying Your Multi-Family Properties

For those of you in search of the perfect apartment building to invest in, I just received this audio presentation from Russel Westscott of REIN, composed by a panel of experienced real estate investors. Remember, knowledge is power! After watching, let me know if you found it helpful!

Sourcing and Buying Your Multi-Family Properties

On this exclusive panel discussion, you can learn from 4 experts who own more than 2,500 rental units. You will discover sophisticated insights such as:

  • What type of property can you buy, and in what area will you get the largest future appreciation… A simple formula to get the biggest return on your investment
  • How to determine if a property is an ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ class of buildings, and how you classify your properties
  • Do you buy buildings in a bigger center, or smaller rural areas
  • Should you buy buildings with or without elevators?
  • Where are the roadblocks when buying Multi-Family properties… removing these will provide you with more opportunities
  • The #1 thing investors need to have when investing in Multi-Family properties… its not what you think
  • Should you buy your first Multi-Family property where you live?
  • and much more…

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