We're not in it for the money.

There's more to a Zen Investor's life than her pocketbook.

We all want financial success.

We attend seminar after seminar, conduct endless market research, crunch numbers into the early morning hours, and work tirelessly to build that golden egg.

Yet for so many of us, our efforts seem not only unproductive, but we just can’t seem to get ahead. And just what are we sacrificing in our pursuit?

I’m here to challenge your ideas about property investment.

  • What if I told you that the path to liberation lies within you, and not in your monthly bank statement?
  • What if I showed you that the key to financial freedom is the art of BALANCE?
  • What if we identified the obstacles inside YOU that stop you from receiving the gift of financial freedom?
  • What if you listened? Well, then, my friend, you would become a Zen Investor.

Simply being rich or having the right investment strategies will not make you happy, nor will it give you freedom.

There is only ONE key : You must remove the obstacles within that stop you from opening new doors.

Let Marie F. Dayan help you balance your 4F’s to find the Zen Investor within.

I didn’t know what to expect from these sessions with Marie, but in the end I felt a renewed energy and clarity of my life’s vision. The walls I used to see are replaced by open doors.

Jeffrey E.

Ottawa, Ontario

Finances and Career

A Zen Investor knows that money is an energy flow that needs to circulate in order to grow.
If your finances are a mess, how can you plan the rest of your life? Only if your cash flow is alive and constant, can your dreams become reality.

Faith and Confidence

A Zen Investor has confidence and believes he is able to achieve his life goals.
Exercising courage and taking educated risks is a sign of evolution. Self-love and self-respect will help you stay on the right path.

Fitness and Health

A Zen Investor is both mentally and physically fit.
Being conscious of your health and doing the things that nurture who you are gives you immense personal power, and prepares you to defeat any challenges you meet in your pursuit of financial liberation.

Family and Relationships

There is no value to achieving wealth if you have no one to share it with.
Happiness is love. Understanding this balance allows us to fulfill our most basic of human needs: to love ourselves enough to allow others to do the same.

Marie F. Dayan

Marie F. Dayan

Business and Life Coach, The Zen Investor

Marie challenges Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to think outside the box. She asks them to seek something larger than themselves: to follow a path of greater purpose and contribution to mankind. It is through the discovery of their passion and self-love that she guides them and gives them the will to find true financial success.

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